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It's Discover NHL ODR WEEK!! We are so excited to see all of your home outdoor rinks!!

To participate, please submit your photos or videos by choosing Select Media above.

When submitting your photos or videos, please consider the following photo and video guidelines:

  • Try to avoid paintings, posters, professional photography or any other art in the background.
  • For videos, please avoid music, TV or other audio playing in the background, and please ensure your message is all your own. Creativity and self-expression are definitely encouraged, but less can be more when it comes to the types of things in the background of the shot!
  • The content you capture may appear on a variety of platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TV). Keep this in mind if people in your household may wander in while you're recording (pets are fine!).
  • Because this content will appear on NHL and NHL partner channels, we encourage you to wear your official league or team apparel or gear or that of our official manufacturers.
  • You may submit more than one photo or video. Please note that the NHL will select photos or videos in its discretion and is not obligated to use any photos or videos that are submitted.
  • Finally, please note that, by submitting your content (photos or videos) to the NHL, you confirm that you are an adult and further confirm your agreement to the NHL release, which can be found at, and includes the following: (1) your confirmation that you are an adult and own or control all rights to the uploaded content; (2) your grant of a license to the NHL to use the uploaded content (and anything in it) for any purpose (including paid media, sponsored content, and monetization) in any media (now existing or created later) forever; and (3) your release of NHL of any and all claims in connection with NHL's use of your content.

Please have fun with this! We look forward to seeing your submissions. Thank you for your participation!